Kleshanasana Kriya

Kleshanasana Kriya done at Linga Bhairavi Temple, Isha Yoga Centre, Vellaiangiri Foothills, Coimbatore, now available at Isha Life, Mylapore.

The aura is a subtler manifestation of everything that a human being is. Periodic cleansing of the aura can therefore lead to physical health and mental well being. "Klesha Nashana Kriya" offered at Isha Life is a process that destroys impurities. Performed by an initiated meditator, Klesha Nasana Kriya is done by running an arati along certain tracks in the aura to remove impurities. It also includes a powerful cleansing process with neem leaves, which are are a great cleanser and energizer of the system, have several medicinal properties, and powerful pranic reverberations.

The aura cleansing leaves the individual rejuvenated by:

  • Creating mental balance and improving physical health
  • Helping the body 'breathe' better
  • Protecting the body against infections
  • Removing negative influences.

Each cleansing process takes about half an hour.

For appointments, please call +91 44 4353 5555 / +91 44 2499 1757