About Isha Life

Isha Life is an amalgamation of a Yoga Studio,The craft store, Mahamudra -a specialty restaurant and Yogi’s Belly cafe set in an aesthetically enchanting and serene environment. ISHALIFE was envisioned as a space for cultural exuberance by Sadhguru, which brings together the best of Indian tradition - yoga,traditional cuisine and artisanal craftsmanship. Proceeds from the initiative are channeled toward supporting Isha Foundation's social outreach programs in the areas of rural education and Environment.

About Isha Foundation

Isha Foundation is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization founded by Sadhguru, to create an inclusive culture towards global harmony and progress.It is an essential resource for those who wish to explore the ancient science of yoga in all its depth and dimensions.Offering a variety of programs that provide methods for anyone to attain physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing,it aims to enable people to deepen their experience of life,and reach their ultimate potential.
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